Alyssa received her undergraduate degree in Biology from Regis College and has enjoyed working in many facets of the healthcare industry since graduation. 

During Alyssa's time at Regis College, she successfully completed a wide-variety of biological science and pre-medicine courses. Since graduation, Alyssa has enjoyed working in healthcare marketing and business development, specifically health IT and breast cancer diagnostics. Her main goal is to connect with both patients and practitioners to help strengthen patient outcomes. She moved to Boulder, CO in 2015 and enjoys getting more sunshine and taking advantage of the great outdoors, especially rock climbing. 

Alyssa Megeath

When Alyssa is not at work, she enjoys being in a classroom setting taking various marketing strategy courses, spending time with her dog, and exploring outside climbing destinations with her husband, Patrick. Alyssa and Patrick met within the climbing community here in Boulder and love to support each other’s climbing goals. She has been climbing for nine years and prefers this outdoor recreational extreme sport because it requires a variety of skills such as patience, problem solving, and a willingness to overcome mental challenges.

She has a strong interest in preventative and Chinese Medicine, specifically for pain management and injury recovery, and is excited to be able to contribute to the calming, healing, and friendly atmosphere here at the clinic. She looks forward to connecting and advocating for patients, contributing to their overall experiences, and making them feel right at home.