Alex Gil, Life Coach and Trainer


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Many things can get in the way of us feeling our best and having the energy necessary to pursue our goals.

The most common issues I see among my clients are:

• Lack of sleep/rest • Poor diet/dehydration • Lack of movement or too much exercise • Pain • Chronic Stress

Ask yourself, what's getting in the way of your success. I see clients daily who “hold off” starting their dream, or pursuing their goals because they lack energy and do not feel ready. It takes energy to create change. “Starting” is a decision and a conscious choice. A small step, is still a step. Start by eliminating one type of food for twenty-one days, drinking an extra glass of water, or seeing a coach. If life has been stopped because of pain, utilize a resource such as a trainer or an acupuncturist. The time is now. Make your well-being a priority.

Challenges can be resolved with a sound plan, discipline and consistency. As a life coach and trainer, I rely on my inner strength and the power of my community. At times, I need help too. The Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder has been incredibly helpful in teaming up with me to bring balance and harmony back into my client’s lives. We share the same vision to help people live a life with full vibrancy, health and happiness.

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