“There is nothing like surfing ...

Surfing and Acupuncture in the morning! Erin Pass says it's the greatestIt is one of those times where you are in the moment, constantly aligned with the earth and its ways.  You can’t manufacture a good day of surfing.  With the waves, you just have to let them come, and when they do, you align yourself and go.  It’s bliss. There's nothing like it.” – David Moats L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.

Where are you from?

I was born in Newport Beach, CA and spent my early childhood on the beautiful beaches of Orange County. I went to high school in Irvine, CA.

What made you realize you wanted to become an acupuncturist?

I always knew that I wanted to be in the healing arts profession. My friends and I buried a time capsule when we were eighteen. When I opened it almost twenty years later (last Fall) it said that by age forty I would be married, with two kids, and would be working as a chiropractor.

Almost all of that became true - close enough anyways. In my twenties, I played college soccer, and suffered from debilitating chronic pain. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine healed me. No other modality had such a profound long lasting impact on my health. I was hooked. I love how you can treat almost anything – from pain, to the common cold or flu, with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs. It is never boring and it is so rewarding to help people feel better.

What's your favorite season?

I love the Fall. The days are still long, the air is warm yet crisp, and the leaves are so beautiful. Growing up in California we would get offshore Santa Ana winds which made the surfing epic. Now, my wife and I love to go up into the mountains and see the aspen turn bright gold.

You teach yoga at 6:30 a.m. and have early morning acupuncture appointments. What are your thoughts on treating early?

I love to treat in the mornings. We have so much Qi (energy) to work with early in the day. Yang (outward energy) is rising and our energetic bodies are primed for amazing acupuncture sessions which can carry us throughout our day. For an athlete, it is a great way to set up for a phenomenal workout.

What are your favorite conditions to treat?

I love to treat all types of pain, especially acute back pain. I also enjoy treating psycho emotional disharmonies and digestive complaints.