Cailey (pronounced Ki-ley) is a licensed acupuncturist and Diplomate in Oriental Medicine.


Cailey is affiliated with the Acupuncture Association of Colorado (AAC), holds an active license in the state of Colorado, and is board-certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), the national certifying body. She hails from rural Pennsylvania and has strong roots in complementary medicine. Growing up in a in a family with a nutritionist and two chiropractors led to an early interest in preventative and holistic medicine; she developed a curiosity about the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Cailey went to school in Boston and graduated with honors from Simmons College with a Bachelor of Arts. During this time she struggled with low back pain and visited a chiropractor who used the “Graston Technique” which greatly eased her pain.

After college, she moved to Costa Rica. She decided to try acupuncture to ease her pain. She learned that the Graston Technique is actually a part of Chinese medicine called “Gua Sha” that has been used for thousands of years to treat internal issues, stimulate the immune system, and treat external pain. The results with Gua Sha and combined acupuncture needles worked wonderfully for Cailey and her back pain went away.

At the same time, Cailey’s mother, who lived in rural Pennsylvannia, was struggling with the same type of back issues. Inspired by Cailey’s success, she too found an acupuncturist. To this day, her mother hasn’t had back surgery and continues to receive acupuncture treatments as needed for any aches and pains and for general well-being.

Taking a yoga break by a creek in Idaho.

Taking a yoga break by a creek in Idaho.

Fueled by her own success with acupuncture as well as her mother’s great results, Cailey decided to pursue a career in acupuncture. She found Chinese medical theory fascinating, rich, and logical. She chose to study at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado because of its diverse academic program and its focus on women’s health. In her treatments she enjoys using gentle Japanese needling techniques and auricular (ear) acupuncture. She has a special affinity for working with women’s health issues, helping alleviate pain, and treating the aging. She frequently suggests Chinese nutrition and herbal formulas to help her patients reach optimal health.

In addition to her career at Southwest Acupuncture College, Cailey furthered her studies in Harbin, China where she studied and practiced for a month in a twenty-two story hospital that focused on blending Western medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine The Heilongjiang University Hospital is renowned for its ability to treat stroke patients. The experience in China inspired Cailey’s interest in neuro-functional and brain based acupuncture techniques. Most recently, she studied Neuro-Functional Acupuncture for the Upper Extremities with Dan Wunderlich. Cailey has seen amazing improvements with the use of neuro-functional techniques for pain from auto-accidents, sports injuries, post-stroke paralysis, sleep, digestive and nervous system complaints.

While at Southwest Acupuncture College, Cailey’s favorite off site clinic was Golden West, where she worked with seniors. Of her own volition, Cailey set up acupuncture programs at six assisted and independent living facilities to treat and care for the elderly, one of her favorite patient populations.

Another personal passions of Cailey's is a program called Natural Highs which provides an environment for adults and teens to gain support and learn healthy, enjoyable, drug-free ways of living. The curriculum provides cutting edge information on brain chemistry and development, hands-on opportunities to learn healthy coping strategies for stress management, creative ways of accessing altered states of consciousness, and discussions about issues underlying substance abuse. Cailey volunteers her time to them and frequently runs seminars to introduce them to acupuncture. 

Cailey is passionate about her Chinese studies and continues to read about Chinese Medicine, neuroscience, and healthy living. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, dancing and hearing as much live music as possible.