To book your appointment:
Please call 303.665.5515 or schedule online below.


If you have an acute condition such as an injury, you are catching a cold, have immediate fertility needs such as ovulation, or you are having an IVF procedure and do not see space available, please call our office and let the front desk know your situation is urgent. We will do everything we can to accommodate you.

We treat a variety of clients with many different needs. We offer private room treatments or a community environment with four La-Z-Boy chairs.

Who might prefer a Private Treatment Room and Table?

If you prefer privacy, need to lie flat on your stomach or back; or if we are treating with the Dry Needling technique, or treating you locally in an area normally covered by clothes such as your low back or gluteal/buttock region, please request a table. For men receiving fertility treatments, and women having treatments pre-ovulation, please request a table.

Who might prefer a La-Z-Boy Chair?

If you have an injury that makes it difficult to lie flat, please request a chair. If you are post- surgical (especially knees and shoulders) the La-Z-Boy chairs will allow you to relax while the injured area remains elevated and supported. If you are in your second or third trimester of pregnancy, the chairs will provide a comfortable environment for you to have your treatment. If you prefer to look at a nice view in a lighter room, you will enjoy the chair room. There may be other people in the room during your session, but people are respectful and quiet. If there are issues you need to discuss in private with your practitioner, we are happy to step into a private room to discuss your case before you have your treatment.  If you fit the criteria above, please call our office at 303.665.5515 and we will make sure your initial treatment is accommodated in a chair.

Out of respect for our other patrons, if you are feeling sick or under the weather, we ask that you book a private room. We treat many people with smell sensitivities (migraines, head injuries, and pregnancy).  Please refrain from wearing perfume or strong smells when being treated in this room.  Thank you for your consideration.

We have music in every room.  Clients are welcome to bring in their own style of music, or listen to their own material (music, podcasts, meditations, books on tape, etc.) with headphones.