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Our Services: Moxibustion

“Moxa” is a Chinese herb from the Chrysanthemum family (Folium Artemisiae Vulgaris), commonly known as mugwort.  It is rolled into sticks or cones and burned either on or above the skin.  Burning this aromatic herb (Moxibustion) creates a sensation that is warming and pleasant.  It helps to regulate the body and strengthen the immune system.

It can help your body with a broad range of issues including, digestion, chronic pain, the side effects of cancer treatments, muscle stiffness, arthritis, fatigue and women’s health such as infertility or abnormal bleeding.

It is the primary modality utilized when working to turn a breech baby (best success occurs between weeks thirty-four and thirty-seven of pregnancy), and its benefits are written in the Journal of American Medicine (JAMA).

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