As a professional mixed martial arts fighter, the question is not IF you will get hurt it’s WHEN. Over the course of my career I have had 14 surgeries, countless sprains and partial tears of ligaments and cartilage, and more bumps and bruises than you can shake a stick at.

For the competitive athlete, learning to deal with injuries, how to prevent them, and how to heal as fast as possible when they do happen can make a big difference in how much time is spent on the playing field and how much time is spent on the bench.

I have seen countless doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and healers in my attempts to keep my body in competition ready shape, and time and time again I return to Erin Pass at The Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder.

Acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine and the idea that, when the body’s energy systems are properly aligned and flowing, the body has a tremendous ability to heal itself. There are several different types and styles of Acupuncture designed to address various illnesses and ailments and I am lucky enough to live close to The Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder where Erin Pass works her miracles daily.

I started treatment with Erin recently following a series of hip surgeries I underwent over the past year due to injuries sustained in my professional fighting career. Of all of the treatments that I have received in order to get my body back into working order, her session are by far the most effective. I know it may be hard to believe that just sticking a few needles in your skin can have such a dramatic effect on healing and recovery. I know it’s hard to believe because even I can’t believe it!

Treatment begins when you are shown to a private room (or a reclining chair if it is more comfortable) and told to lie on the table. Soothing music fills the air as you rest lying down before the session begins. Erin enters the room and discusses your current symptoms as well as your overall well-being and mental state. Erin always treats the patient as a whole, not just focusing on whatever aches or pains may be bothering you on the particular day. After a brief discussion about your current state and desired results, she begins the procedure by placing needles (painlessly I might add) in the appropriate areas before adjusting the temperature in the room and leaving you to relax and simply breathe.

Thirty to forty-five minutes later she returns to remove the needles, offer a glass of water and see how you are doing. If you want more time and she doesn’t need the room you may be offered the option to keep the needles in for a while longer. Leaving the session I usually have a nice calm, centered sensation like after a yoga class.

Other than the sense of calm and well being the effects aren’t immediately noticeable. It isn’t usually until I’m stretching or warming up the next day that I notice improved range of motion, less pain, and reduced inflammation. The effects are so dramatic that it can be hard to believe that just lying on a table relaxing with a few needles in you can make such a difference, but believe me it does!

I am constantly blown away by just how effective Erin’s treatments are and I recommend her to all of my friends and training partners. If you are blessed enough to live near her office at 2500 Arapahoe Ave. I strongly suggest that you make an appointment to see how Acupuncture can improve your life. Whether your are recovering from surgery, suffering from anxiety or depression, or are just looking to feel your absolute best; you owe it to yourself to give Erin and the rest of the staff at The Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder a call. Your body will thank you!

Conor “The Hurricane” Heun