Since discovering the benefits of acupuncture oh so many years ago, I’ve had many acupuncture treatments from many different practitioners and none have surpassed those I’ve received from Erin! Her clinic is clean, comfortable, and inviting.  Her manner is personable, professional, and relaxing.  I would go everyday if I could!  I always walk out of her office feeling so much better than I did when I walked in.  Erin truly has both the touch and the heart to treat her clients well.  She has also referred me to other great health care professionals when she felt I could benefit from their services, either in addition to, or in place of, treatments from her.  Given that I just don’t have the time or money to partake of unlimited healing opportunities, I greatly appreciate Erin’s honesty and sound business practices.  I am so thankful for the respect and caring she has shown me throughout the last couple of years.  Just wonderful! – Joanie Simon, Boulder, CO