“I am a single mother of two who spent years taking care of my kids – lifting them and carting them around. Now, on and off, I have horrendous low back pain.  I went to another clinic in town and felt like the treatment hurt more than the original pain. After my former experience, I didn’t want to try another treatment.  But one day I threw my back out again and was lying on the sofa.  I couldn’t move.  Erin lived in my neighborhood and came over.  She suggested I give acupuncture another try.  I was desperate and reluctantly agreed.  I asked her to let me know when she was going to start; she told me she was finished!  It was a very different experience than I expected.  After a few treatments, I was healed.  I couldn’t believe it. I am a “do it yourself-er”.  I always have some kind of home improvement project going on; and although it is a very bad habit, I tend to overdo it.  I know Erin can help most of the pain I inflict upon myself while swinging a sledge hammer, or lifting heavy rocks!  I do way more than I should because she is always there to help me out. My entire family sees Erin.  She helped my son’s shoulder pain and treated my husband’s fibromyalgia.  I have relocated to San Diego, but always schedule acupuncture appointments when I come to town.  It is a blessing to have a treatment with her and her magic hands.” -Nahid Cummins, San Diego, CA