Turning a Breech Baby with Moxibustion

Do this sitting comfortably, with legs up, wearing loose fitting clothing. If you feel the baby move significantly, get your midwife or doctor to check the baby’s positioning.

pregnant lady handeling baby breech

Step 1: Light the moxa stick in a well ventilated room with a candle.

Step 2: Hold the moxa stick about 1 inch over the corner of outside of baby toe so that the heat is warm, not uncomfortable (see picture below).

Step 3: Alternate left and right feet every 5 minutes (20 minutes total) by holding moxa stick over the point below.

Step 4: Extinguish moxa stick into a cup filled with dirt.

Step 5: Repeat 2 times a day for 20 minutes each time.

Step 6: Stop when baby turns.


  • Use in well ventilated area.
  • Do not touch yourself with the moxa stick, it will burn!!
  • Put out in a cup full of dirt. Do NOT put water on moxa!!!!
  • This is a fire hazard!!!!!!! Keep away from flammable items!