Jing Foods (Essence)

Foods which are themselves, or which nourish gametes or offspring in nature:

• Royal Jelly

• Eggs – chicken, duck

• Fish roe and caviar

• Seeds

• Nuts

• Pollen

• Pig spine soup

or foods with particular properties, such as:

• bone marrow

• brains

• kidneys

• oysters

• seaweeds and algae

• artichokes, raw milk, nettles and oats

Yin Foods

Nutrient rich, but not overly stimulating foods, such as:

• Barley and millet

• String beans

• Asparagus

• All dark coloured beans

• Dark fruits like blackberry, mulberry and blueberry

• Seaweeds

• Animal products including fish, eggs, dairy produce, duck and pork

• Tofu

• Fluids, soups (homemade)