White Elephant

A good friend of mine recently had her house burn down. She and her husband had recently married and they lost everything. On one hand, it is very liberating to be free of all of your possessions, on the other, you feel very vulnerable in the world. This tragic event happened right before the holidays. Shortly after, they attended a “White Elephant” holiday party. As everyone stood around in holiday cheer having a glass of something, the gifts were opened. As usual some of them were funny and obnoxious, and a lot of the gifts seemed to my friend, to go over the $20 mark. She noticed Cuisinart’s, and wine glasses, and thought to herself, “Wow, what a great gift.” At the end of the gift opening, their friends turned to them and said, “While we enjoyed the White Elephant gift opening, these gifts are actually all for the two of you. Happy Holidays, we love you.” Their friends had pulled up their wedding registry, and replaced all the gifts that had been lost in the fire.