So, your clinician tells you that you are not eating enough protein… it is recommended that the average healthy person eat approximately .6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.  To figure out the right amount for you, use the following equation:

Your weight in pounds ÷ 2.2 = your weight in kilograms.
Your weight in kilograms x .6 = your recommended protein per day.

Here is a list of protein sources followed by a discussion comparing their relative merits.

Protein sources:Protein (in grams)Fat (in grams)
Almond 1 cup2470
Barley, 1 cup (cooked)162
Beans: pinto, etc, 1 cup (cooked)151
Beef, lean, 5 x 5 x ¾”225
Beef, fat, 5 x5 x ¾”2216
Black-eyed peas, 1 cup (cooked)131
Bran flakes cereal41
Bread, white, 1 slice21
Bread, whole wheat, 1 slice31
Cheese, 1oz.79
Chicken breasts, fried265
Chicken pot pie, homemade2331
Clams, 3 oz.6511
Cottage cheese, 1 cup, 1% fat314
Crabmeat, 1 cup13524
Egg, 1 large66
Fish white, 3 oz.175
Ham, 3 oz.1819
Hamburger, lean, 5” patty3013
Hamburger, fat, 5” patty3022
Lentils, 1 cup (cooked)16trace
Liver, beef, 3 oz.229
Milk, 1 cup 2%88
Milk, 1 cup skim8trace
Oatmeal, 1 cup (cooked)52
Peanuts, I cup, roasted in oil3772
Peanut butter, 1 Tbsp.48
Porkchop, 1 medium1925
Pumpkin seeds, 1 cup3565
Rice, white, 1 cup4trace
Salmon, 3 oz.2010
Shredded wheat cereal, 1 cup21
Split peas, 1 cup (cooked)161
Steak, with fat, 6 oz.4054
Steak, fat trimmed, 6 oz.408
Sunflower seeds, 1 cup3569
Tofu, 4 oz.96
Tofu burger, 1 patty66
Tuna, in water, 3 oz.243
Turkey, dark meat, 2-1/2 x 1-1/2 x ¼”267
Turkey, white meat, 4 x 2 x ¼”283
Veal cutlet, 3 oz.239
Yogurt, 8 oz., low fat103

** Please note that the fat content is also given.  If you are interested in restricting the quantity of fat in your diet you will want to choose the leaner protein sources.

Plant proteins, other than soy and quinoa, contain incomplete proteins.  That is, they do not contain all of the essential amino acids.  Therefore, for complete proteins they will need to be combined with other protein sources that supply the amino acids which are deficient.  For example, grains combine well with beans and dairy, and seeds combine well with beans.

Animal sources supply complete proteins by themselves, however, they also supply no fiber, and in the case of dairy and beef, are likely food allergens.  An exception is fish, which provides a good source of beneficial fatty acids.  In general, however, it is best for most people to limit animal proteins and incorporate plant sources into their diet for overall health.

(Information taken from a handout from Bastyr University, Natural Health Clinic, 1996)