When I met Erin and told her about my vein challenges during my pregnancy and how they were still a big problem for me for ten months postpartum, she was the first person (out of MANY highly-trained doctors) to ask a couple key questions that made me realize she fully understood what I was going through. None of the doctors I had seen asked her questions. At ten months postpartum, I was still having trouble sitting down because the veins in my pelvic floor and labia were so swollen. Many doctors simply call this “pelvic congestion syndrome” or “varicose veins in your pelvic area”; and many consider it a normal part of pregnancy for some women. No one seemed to care that I was in chronic pain. Some even told me “pelvic congestion” was controversial and might not be real. One doctor even misdiagnosed a hernia. I was still wearing full compression shorts to deal with the pain, as well as a set of straps to compress my labia. The pain was related to my cycle, but it was also constant. It would get worse about once per month, but it never went away either. Sex was NOT fun. The doctors also told me my hemorrhoids were “normal.” To make matters worse, my stomach was constantly upset, and I would suffer from days of diarrhea which occurred every couple weeks. This exacerbated the hemorrhoids and pain. I saw many doctors, all of whom determined there was nothing “wrong” with me (no parasites etc.) and that I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Erin looked at all these factors and connected the dots: after ONE visit with her, my labia reduced half in size. After months and months of swelling, I could barely believe it! Erin and and Cassandra, treated me with acupuncture and Chinese herbs which reduced my stress, helped my digestion, and decreased the pain and inflammation in my veins. After a few months of going to their clinic, my hemorrhoids were gone ninety percent of the time, I could sit down with no pain, and I was able to eat foods!! Erin and Cassandra supported me emotionally through many decisions about potential surgeries, as well; they listened and gave hugs and I felt truly cared for. I ultimately decided to have an interventional radiologist treat the veins in my pelvis to see if we could stop the physical cause of the problem. This would allow me to consider for the future having a second pregnancy without immense pain. Acupuncture was incredibly helpful during the recovery of these surgeries, and the emotional support I received at the clinic was life-changing. I have now had two surgeries on my veins in my pelvic area and one on my legs. I go to acupuncture every other week and take herbs as recommended or needed. I have not had a “vein flare-up” in three months; I have not had any hemorrhoids in over four months, I have once again been able to enjoy sex and intimacy with my husband, AND my digestion is going well. I am so grateful for acupuncture and Erin’s approach to treating me. My whole quality of life has changed because of her and her staff. To anyone suffering from similar postpartum issues, acupuncture can help you! Erin and Cassandra changed my life– THANK YOU.