I have seen all practitioners at this clinic for multiple health issues and I can’t express enough, my results and success with acupuncture treatments! I am an avid rock climber and weight lifter; therefore, I have had multiple injuries over the past few years – both major and minor ones. From shoulder issues, back issues, issues with the tendons and my hands, I could go on and on – all of these have been treated by Cassandra and Erin. If you are looking to treat menstrual issues as well – this clinic will definitely be able to get you back on track with symptoms lessening immediately with both Traditional Chinese herbal therapy and treatment. I have had several menstrual issues and ovarian cyst issues over the years and did not think that I would be able to have a baby and since receiving monthly treatments, I am now five and a half months pregnant thanks to acupuncture and the herbs I was prescribed! The clinic is one of the few that has privileges Boulder Community Health and it is apparent why. I have been to community style acupuncture clinics also, and the Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder stands out because the practitioners take the time to understand the whole patient’s health – not just the symptom they are looking to treat – they will discuss your medical history, diet, medications, etc. thoroughly before even treating you. This is crucial! To top it all off, my stress level and anxiety has gone down significantly with treatment here. With so many acupuncture clinics in town, do not settle for anything less than what the ACoB has to offer. A clinic that is highly personable, knowledgeable, and one of the FEW that is tied tightly into the medical community. Thank you for your help ACoB!