My twenty-eight year old daughter had been smoking cigarettes since she was twelve years old. I was so worried about her health. It is always challenging to talk to your child about quitting. I had heard that acupuncture could help reduce the cravings. A year and half ago, I called Erin and asked what she thought. She said my daughter would have to, “want to quit,” and if she did, they could work on the rest together. My daughter came in for three treatments in one week. She brought her last cigarette with her and it was used in the treatment. Erin had her smell the unlit cigarette and used acupuncture points in her ear to change the smell and the taste of the cigarette. Erin knows how to hit the target! She also addressed the stress and anxiety that comes with withdrawal from any addiction.

My daughter had tried drugs which had horrible side effects for her. She also tried patches. Nothing worked. Acupuncture did!

After three treatments, my daughter hopped on a plane and went back to San Diego, and hasn’t smoked a cigarette since! I don’t think either on of us believed it, until we saw it work! She is so proud of quitting and tells all of her friends who smoke to try acupuncture.

Thank you Erin!

Any time we come to Colorado for business or pleasure, we always get a treatment from Erin or one of the other practitioners at her Clinic. She has since worked on everything from low back pain, knee pain, and swelling in my knees after a knee replacement. She also helped a good friend of mine who had horrible auto-immune issues.

I refer her to several of my local clients. Frankly, if someone were in San Diego and wanted to quit smoking, I’d tell them to hop on a plane and go to Boulder. The price of good health and a cigarette free life, is worth the trip!

Nahid Cummins
Keller Williams Realty