National Women’s Awareness Week

A woman’s yearly gynecologic exam is an integral part of her health care and helps her maintain and achieve health goals in every decade of life. As we age, concerns can range from STD screening to prevention of cancers. In addition, women desire a higher quality of life and level of wellness than ever before. Prevention of disease is one way to empower women to achieve longevity and wellness throughout their lifetime.

ALL women have a 1 in 9 lifetime risk of getting breast cancer; breast cancer screening is one of the best ways to prevent cancer. While there has been some controversy over the value of a mammogram, it is in fact, still the best way to detect early breast cancer and save lives.

HPV is the most prevalent STD. It does not spare anyone in any age group. The pap smear with HPV testing is the best tool for cervical cancer prevention. Prevention of cervical cancer IS possible with the appropriate testing and treatment. (HPV can also be found in your mouth and throat. Ask your dentist about oral HPV screening.)

The hormonal changes that women experience throughout their lifetime can create bothersome issues like insomnia, mood changes and irregular periods and are often assumed to be “normal or natural”. In fact, treatment options like acupuncture, vitamin supplements and even bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy help improve these issues that can keep a woman from reaching her peak performance in life.

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