Barb Jones, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at the Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder, Inc.

Barb Jones, L.Ac., Dipl. MAcCHM

Are you looking to decrease stress and anxiety while nurturing your overall health? Or perhaps you would like to start your day with more clarity and focus? The ancient Chinese practice of Qigong can set you on a path to these goals. Qigong is a combination of breath work, movement and meditation that is accessible to individuals of all backgrounds. It is a mind-body practice that blends gentle physical movements with mindfulness in order to cultivate balance within your spirit and body.

In the realm of Qigong, “Qi” symbolizes life energy or life force, while “gong” signifies the skills honed through consistent practice. When we practice Qigong, we influence the flow of Qi within our bodies, thereby preventing stagnation and breaking through blockages in energy flow, consequently promoting physical and mental well-being. As we continue to develop our practice, we reap more and more health benefits from our Qigong.

There are many ways to incorporate Qigong into your life to reap it’s many benefits.

  • GAIN FOCUS AND ENERGY: For myself, incorporating a short Qigong routine in my morning has given me improved focus and energy. The combination of gentle movements with breathwork and a short meditation allows me to get a positive start to the day.
  • CALM STRESS AND ANXIETY: Qigong is also an incredible tool for whenever you are feeling stressed, anxious, frustrated or down. When mentally taxed, finding an inner calm can be difficult. When this happens to me, I rely on a free video on YouTube (see link below). This stress busting 15-minute routine helps to shift one’s mindset and snap out of a down mood. I find the “shaking” segment of this routine especially effective for calming my nervous system. I highly recommend giving this quick routine a try when you need to boost your mood.
  • WARM-UP ACTIVITY: Qigong is great to do prior to climbing or any other physical activities as the gentle movements are an excellent warmup, facilitating the flow of energy and blood to my joints and muscles. The movements of Qigong can be likened to the dynamic stretching that is recommend before strenuous activities. It also improves the concentration required to do your best in any sport.

Give this sample routine  a try and see what Qigong can do for you! Enjoy!