As a business owner and someone who interacts with many people, I felt I had a responsibility both to my family and clients to get vaccinated. I miss people’s smiles and look forward to a return to some sort of normal. I know vaccines are not for everyone, but for me it made sense and provides some level of security and possibility for a brighter tomorrow.

I decided to get vaccinated so I could feel extra safe treating patients and visiting my parents! I also figured if this was a way I could contribute to life getting back to “normal” faster, I was all for it!

Getting vaccinated was not an easy choice for me. I try to be very conscious about what goes into my body and do my part to make sure I have a healthy immune system. A trial vaccine that has been studied under a year and is approved under emergency use only does draw a few red flags for me. Ultimately, I decided my body could handle it and choose to get vaccinated to decrease my likelihood of bringing COVID home to my children and to protect my parents. I also wanted my patients to feel safer coming in for acupuncture. Getting vaccinated is a very personal choice and I respect each person’s decision.

I chose to get vaccinated so that I could safely see my family and to help keep my patients and coworkers safe!

My mother has a rare autoimmune disease called POTS that makes her high risk for having severe symptoms with COVID. After a year of not seeing her in person, I wanted to be as safe as possible so I could visit her and my dad without the risk of getting them sick. I finally got to see them, and the stress of COVID was lessened knowing we were all vaccinated.

I chose to get vaccinated because I know my individual actions affect the world. My great grandmother lost a lot of family to the Spanish Flu. We are so blessed to have the tools we have now.