Welcome to the Year of the Wood Dragon!

The Year of the Dragon embraces the strength of the dragon and the growth associated with the Wood element. The element of wood is seen in Daoist tradition as a return to the natural state of being, which in the dragon’s case, points to a return to kindness. Dragons are powerful symbols, representing abundance, longevity, nobility, honor, and luck. They can ride mists, float on clouds, chase storms, churn waves, and summon wind and rain. The Year of the Wood Dragon is perceived as a time for positive transformation, innovative pursuits, and great success in relationships, health, and careers. Long term, if people can focus on empathy and compassion, it could also be the year in which major conflict can be resolved.

In 2024, discover your inner dragon. The possibilities are limitless.

Wishing you health and prosperity,

Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder, Inc.