“Erin was a great help for me and my son. She is someone I trusted when I felt like it was hard to know where to turn. My son was diagnosed with ADHD, and stomach and digestive problems (without a cause). He was a very sick little boy, tired, pale, lacking energy, and having behavioral issues. Many doctors dismissed these symptoms as either non-existent, psychological, or something that he would outgrow. I kept asking if there was a connection between the stomach and digestive issues and the “psychological” and physical conditions. Every single doctor said “no”, there couldn’t be a connection. As a mother, it just didn’t seem right. It seemed as if we were experiencing a domino-effect. Once things starting getting “out of whack”, there were more and more subtle (and not so subtle) symptoms that kept creeping up. At one point, it seemed to affect his attention, hearing, coordination, strength and balance. Erin was incredibly patient. She helped me immensely and educated me on so many issues that contributed to my son’s condition. Everything she taught me and every resource she directed me to, was spot on and changed his life (and mine!). She gave us information on the Chinese nutritional way of eating, recommended supplements, and also directed us to other people for care. I appreciated her resources and the connection she has with the practitioners in the community.  I can’t believe how focusing on diet and adding supplements has helped my son! I have always considered myself to be very main stream with medical care, but conventional medicine was not helping my son’s symptoms or behavior. I was so glad to have Erin in the “non-traditional” world to show me some alternatives. It feels so good not to worry any more. I get to be a regular mom now! -Jen U., Denver, CO