Jenny Nieters, L.Ac., DACM and Barb Jones, L.Ac., Dipl. MAcCHM

Barb Jones recently participated in the Acupuncture Association of Colorado Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting. This event provided an outstanding opportunity for continuing education. The highlight of the conference was a presentation by Dr. Jenny Nieters, renowned for her work as the team acupuncturist for the San Francisco 49ers and Saint Mary’s Men’s College Rugby team. Dr. Nieters shared insights on “Optimizing Lumbo Pelvic Stability and Motor Control,” focusing on techniques to engage and balance core muscles effectively. These acupuncture methods offer significant benefits, addressing both chronic back and hip pain and enhancing athletic performance. Dr. Nieters notes that “In [her] clinical practice, these points are some of the most requested points by my patient population and can be used in a range of patients from the geriatric patient to the elite athlete”.  The conference was a wonderful opportunity to learn from an expert in the field and gain practical experience  in these awesome treatment methods.