The diet is low lactose, low fat, gluten free and usually well tolerated. A summary of the dietary outlines is outlined below.

The primary guidelines are:

Eliminate dairy products such as milk, cheese and ice cream. (Note: Varying amounts of natural, unsweetened, live culture yogurt may be tolerated by some individuals).

Avoid meats such as beef, pork and veal. Chicken, turkey, lamb and coldwater fish such as salmon, mackerel and halibut are acceptable if you are not allergic or intolerant of these foods. Select from free range whenever possible.

Elimate gluten.

Avoid any food that contains wheat, spelt, kamut, oats, rye, barley, amaranth, or malts. This is the most difficult part of the diet, but also the most important. Unfortunately, gluten is contained in many common foods such as bread, crackers, pasta, cereals, and products containing flour made from these grains. Products made from rice, buckweat, quinoa and gluten free flour, potato, tapioca, and arrowroot may be used as desired by most individuals.

Eliminate corn.

Drink at least two quarts of water daily, preferably filtered.

Avoid all alcohol containing products including beer, wine, liquour and over the counter products that contain alcohol. Also avoid all caffeine containing beverages including coffee, caffeine containing tea and soda pop. Coffee substitutes from gluten containing grains should be avoided along with decaffeinated coffee. Read labels carefully, as over the counter medications may contain alcohol and/or carreine.

Chew food well.

At least 50 times each mouthful. Make soup out of it in your mouth.

Meat, Fish, Poultry   Allowed: Chicken, turkey, lamb, all legumes, dried peas, lentils, cold water fish such as salmon. Avoid: Red meats, cold cuts, frankfurter, sausage, canned meats, eggs, modefication elimination dietshrimp, and most shellfish. Soups   Allowed: Clear vegetable based broth, homemade vegetarian soups. Avoid: Canned or cream soups.   Vegetables   Allowed: All vegetables preferably fresh, frozen, or freshly juiced. Avoid: Creamed or in casseroles.   Fats/Nuts/Oils   Allowed: Cold/expeller pressed,unrefined flax, olive, sunflower oil, ghee (clarified butter), sunflower, sesame,flax, pumpkin, suash seeds/butters, salad dressings-made from allowed ingredients, almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts. Avoid: Margarine, shortening,regular butter, refined oils, peanuts, salad dressings, spreads.

Dairy Products   Allowed: Unsweetened, live-culture yogurt, milk substitutes such as rice milk or nut milds (room temperature). Avoid: Milk, cheese, ice cream, cream, iron, non-dairy creamers.   Thickeners   Allowed: Rice, oat, millet, arrowroot, agar.   Allowed: All vegetables preferably fresh, frozen or freshly juiced. Avoid: Creamed or in casseroles.   Breads/Cereals   Allowed: Any made from rice, quinoa, buckwheat, millet,potato, flour, tapioca, arrowroot or gluten free flour base products. Avoid: All made from wheat, oat,spelt, kamut,rye, barley, amarancth, or gluten containing products. Spices & Condiments   Allowed: Salt in moderation, pepper, herbal spices without preservatives, citrus or sugar, garlic, ginger, onions, catsup and mustard from the reformhuas, wheat-free tamari, vitamin C crystals in water as a substitute for lemon juice.
Starch   Allowed: White or sweet potato, rice, tapioca, buckwheat and gluten free products. Avoid: All gluten containing products, including gluten containing pasta, corn. Beverages   Allowed: Unsweetened fruit or vegetable juices, water, non-citrus herbal tea. Avoid: Mik, coffee, tea, cocoa, Postum, alcohol, soda, sweetened beverages, citrus. Fruit   Allowed: Unsweetened fresh, frozen,or water-packed, canned fruits excluding citrus and strawberries. Avoid: Fruit drinks, citrus, strawberries, dried fruits. Miscellaneous   Allowed: Sugar-free spaghetti sauce, fruit jellies without sugar or citrus, soups such as lentil, split pea, turkey, and vegetable.