Nourishing the Soil March 19-22 marks the start of Spring a celebration of fertility, life and rebirth.

Farmers understand the significance of preparing, tilling, and fertilizing the soil long before they plant their first seed. They understand that the nutrients contained within the soil not only support germination but also provide nourishment for the plant throughout its whole life cycle.

This is a great analogy in respect to preconception health. Nourishing your body in order to provide an optimal physiologic environment for your little seedling to grow will help ensure its survival from germination to maturation and beyond.

According to Chinese Medicine, the most important time to boost fertility and optimize the health of your baby-to-be is during the 3-4 months before conception occurs. Western medicine now knows that the egg that is selected to ovulate each month is recruited at that particular time. It is during this crucial period that hormone levels and overall health affect the development and health of the potential egg and the thickness and receptivity of the uterine lining. That’s why in Chinese medicine we say the best way to achieve a healthy pregnancy and baby is to nourish the soil before you plant the seed.

At the Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder, we use a combination of herbal formulas, fertility acupuncture, diet therapy, lifestyle counseling, and relaxation techniques that are specifically design to balance your reproductive hormones and create the best possible environment for you egg to grow and develop. This also provides the optimum environment for fertilization, implantation, and the development of a healthy baby.

Improve emotional health: According to TCM, two of the most common organ systems addressed in fertility are the Liver and the Lungs. The Liver is related to anger, frustration, stress, and desire. So, it’s no wonder why one of the most common TCM diagnoses for infertility is Liver Qi stagnation. The lungs are related to sadness, grief, and holding on. How to get the fertility “qi” flowing? Make sure to find time to calm your mind through acupuncture, yoga, or meditation.

Avoid dampness: Dampness accumulates in our bodies and causes blockages in the form of cysts and fibroids that can make getting pregnant difficult, says practitioners of TCM. If you’re trying to become pregnant, eliminate damp food like milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, greasy foods, and alcohol. Wet clothing, humid environments, and moist basements should also be avoided.

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