Discounted Fees for Cash Pay:

New Patient

$120 (80 minute treatment)

Established patient for a private treatment room

$91 (60 minute treatment)

Bulk ten pack applies for private room only and are non-transferable

$770 (for 60 minute treatment)

Bulk packages valid from one year of purchase.

Lazy Boy Chair

$65 (60 minute treatment)

Fertility Treatment for Men and Pre-Oovulation

(80 minute treatment, practitioner provides treatment for both sides of body, requires two session times for practitioner, bulk sessions cannot be used for pre-ovulatory treatments, or IVF preparatory sessions).

A Post-ovulation treatment is a the standard treatment price for an established patient price (or bulk pricing).  A patient can book a private room or a La-Z-Boy chair.

Dry Needling

(eighty minute session, price is higher than standard treatment because practitioner is booked for longer period of time.)

Pediatric Session

$75/session (60 minute treatment)


Cosmetic Acupuncture

$150/session (80 minute session) 10 sessions recommended.

Ion Treatment


Hospital Visits – Boulder Community Hospital

$120 per visit

The following codes are charged when billing insurance:

Many insurance companies now have acupuncture as a covered benefit.  At the Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder, Inc. we will bill insurance when an Out-of Network acupuncture benefit is present (except Blue Cross Blue Shield - we can provide you with a suberbill to submit). 

For those who do not have coverage, we accept cash, check and credit card.

Please Note: These are some of the more commonly billed insurance codes.  Other codes may occasionally be billed.  Prices may vary slightly depending on your treatment.

99203 New Patient Routine/Standard: $110

97810 Acupuncture Treatment: $80 Acupuncture with one or more needles without electric stimulation initial 15 min

97811 For Every fifteen minutes after initial fifteen: $25 Each additional 15 min of treatment

97813 Acupuncture/Electric stimulation: $100 Acupuncture with electrical stimulation, initial 15 min

97814 With Electric Stimulation for every fifteen minutes after initial fifteen minutes: $30 Each additional 15 min with electrical stimulation

99211 Minimum Office Visit Acupuncture Treatment: $45



97026 Infrared Heat Therapy: $25

97112 Tui na/Neuromuscular Reeducation: $55

97010 Heat/Cold Therapy: $35

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