Turning Breeches

  • Moxa: You will be sent home with a moxa stick. It will be difficult to light, so use a lighter (or a candle). Light the moxa as you would an incense stick. Hold the moxa over the lateral side of your small toe (outside edge) near the nail. With very little amplitude, gently wave the stick forward and back, like a “sparrow-pecking” at something. Hold the moxa over the point until it becomes hot, and then remove. Repeat this five times in a session, 2-3 sessions per day. Be careful to place the moxa stick in a bowl with sand, a short jar, or other container that is fireproof, as it will continue to burn for a while.

  • Position: It is helpful to carry out the moxa while you lie in what is called a reverse Trandelenberg position. This means your hips need to be 12-15 inches higher than your shoulders. This is easiest with a board, door, or couch that has been stacked firmly on bricks, or blocks. Make sure you have a foam pad, so that you are as comfortable as you can be while in this position. If you are unable to enlist the aid of a partner to do the moxa while in this position, do the moxa first, then lie on the board for 15-20 minutes. Repeat this 2-3 times a day.

Modern folklore suggests that walking in a pool on your hands, in water deep enough to cover your belly a couple of times a day is also helpful.

  • Foods: Avoid foods that are cold in temperature or nature while trying to turn a breech. These include: iced drinks, ice cream, cold cereal with milk, and raw fruits and vegetables. Foods that are appropriate are cooked grains, steamed vegetables, pastas, meat, stews, soups, cooked cereal, breads, eggs, etc. Even though you are avoiding iced drinks, be sure to drink plenty of room temperature water, or hot teas.

If you have any increased activity in the uterus while doing the moxa, stop. It is normal to feel an increase in baby’s movement.